97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses to buy from*

Your Petoskey Website Design Company

Does your website drive customers away, or get them to buy?

For years, experts have been telling us that you only have 15 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your website before they are gone.

In reality, you have much less time.

Research shows that people decide whether or not they like your website within 1/20th of one second.* And if they stick around longer than that first second, you have to clearly communicate your value to them in the first 10 seconds if you want them to stay for even a few minutes.*

Can your website handle that kind of pressure? Or is it driving customers away from your business?

It has been proven by various studies that potential customers view the quality of your website design is an indicator of your company’s credibility.

As your new Petoskey website design firm, we can help you get better results from your site.

If they don't like the design of a website, 52% of shoppers will never return.*

Website Design from an Award-Winning Petoskey Designer.

For years, website designers have had a bad reputation. They have been known as arrogant tech nerds that are expensive, unresponsive, difficult to work with, and confuse clients with their “geek speak.” Other companies have a habit of building a website and then disappearing…or worse…vanishing with the client’s money without finishing the project. And when they do finish the project, it is done with the minimum amount of effort possible on their part. Just enough to get your information or products online, and nothing more. No extra effort to make sure your new site is properly optimized for all devices, or has build-in optimization so your new site will rank well. They view those as separate services you pay extra for. It’s no wonder so many small businesses get very little return from their company’s website.

We believe you should expect more from your Petoskey website design agency.

At Bear River Art Studio, we are changing the way sites are built to get better results for our clients. In fact, when you hire us as your website design agency in Petoskey, you’ll notice a positive difference right away. You’ll enjoy a clearly defined process with a scheduled timetable and clearly defined milestones. You’ll love the way we explain things in plain, easy to understand terms that takes the mystery out of how Internet technology works. And the best part? We build your website to maximize your profits by doing the extra work needed to integrate the site into your business completely, and optimize it for performance. We believe that is the way a true partner should work for their clients. Don’t you?

Responsive Web Design

On April 21, 2015, Google changed the way it ranks websites in search results to favor mobile-friendly sites. That means if your site is not mobile-friendly, it will be penalized in search engine rankings. We can build you a responsive website design that is mobile friendly and works well on computers, iPads, and smart phones.

Selling Online with eCommerce

Want to sell your products online? Great! We can build an online store for you to turn your website into a powerful source of sales for your business. In fact, we were able to increase one client’s sales by 21% by redesigning and optimizing their online store. Contact us today for an estimate on your eCommerce online store, and see what we can do for you!

Data-Driven Web Development

We can also build you a custom database-driven site, or a special web app for your site that allows your visitors to search your data for information they need. Some examples of this would be searchable inventories, membership directories, store locators, etc.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to market your company and connect with your customers is by using e-mail marketing. From setting up your e-mail marketing, to designing templates, installing subscription tools on your site, or even writing content for you e-mail newsletter…as your strategic partner we can help you benefit from this powerful marketing tool.

Blog Development

Blogs are one of many venues that fall in the category of content marketing, and are an excellent way to draw customers to your site. Having a well written, engaging blog is a powerful Internet marketing tool that can increase traffic to your site, boost your rank in search engines, and help you sell more. We can show you how to get started, and help you build an engaging and effective blog.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you don’t have the time to run your company’s social media marketing, or need help developing content for your social media accounts, we can help. We can even help get your business started with social media marketing if you are not yet using it to promote what you sell. In addition to being a web design company, we have the skills and the tools to help you engage more local customers with social media. [Learn More]

In order to turn your new website into a steady stream of new customers,
we do the extra work others don’t include in their web design packages.

Every design package we sell includes:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly site design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) built in
  • Full social media marketing integration
  • Automatic, cloud-based website backups
  • Search engine submission
  • Directory listing optimization
  • Custom QR code to promote your site to mobile users
  • Detailed, flat-fee pricing
  • And much more

Don’t settle for just a web page. Let us build you an integrated online business system that grows your local customer base, and increases both sales and engagement.

Bear River Art Studio is Your Petoskey Website Design Company

*Based on studies conducted by BIA Kelsey, Kissmetrics, Carleton University,