Northern Michigan Marketing Services that Get Proven Results.

Every business has unique marketing needs. Some need more customers, some organizations need to raise awareness, and others need to attract tourists. And that is why there is not one marketing solution that works for everyone. No magic wand. No silver bullet. Truly effective marketing is the result of a careful blend of research, planning, and creativity.

What kind of marketing help are you looking for?

Bear River Art Studio is a Northern Michigan marketing company that creates responsive marketing for local businesses just like yours. Our philosophy is that your marketing should be responsive to your needs and get customers to respond. That’s why we focus on carefully planned, and well executed marketing campaigns instead of recommending the latest marketing fad just because it’s “cool.”

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  • Harbor Springs
  • Charlevoix
  • Boyne City
  • Gaylord
  • Mackinac Island
  • Traverse City
  • Northern Michigan

Our Northern Michigan marketing consulting services include:

Marketing Strategy

Audience demographics, keyword research, marketing plans, brand development, creative strategy – whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the market intelligence and strategic research you need. We can even help you craft a marketing plan that gets you the results you desire, and includes both online and offline media options.

Branding & Positioning

The cornerstone of a successful marketing plan is a rock solid brand, and positioning that resonates with you customers or target audience. We have experience helping entrepreneurs create a brand for their new company, and helping existing companies develop a new brand that gets better response. Whatever your branding and positioning needs are, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Graphic Design

As an award-winning design company, we can provide you with the creativity and stylish designs you need for all of your marketing projects, including: logos, brochures, advertisements, magazines, books, websites, catalogs, direct mail, packaging, billboards, and more. You can read more about our graphic design services here.

Local Online Marketing

Many small, local business shy away from aggressive online marketing campaigns. They do so because they don’t realize that even though the Internet is worldwide, online marketing can be targeted to their local area. For example, imagine being able to advertise on Facebook, and have your ad seen only by people located near your place of business. Local targeting for online advertising gets better results and saves money on the cost of your advertising too. We have both the knowledge and tools to make local online advertising an effective part of your Northern Michigan marketing campaign.

Our online, Northern Michigan marketing services include:

Website Design

If you’re not getting sales from the Internet, then your website isn’t doing its job. But the good news is we can help! Whether you’re in Traverse City, Gaylord, Petoskey, Mackinac Island, or anywhere in between, we can help you. As a Petoskey web design company, we can build you a fresh, responsive website that enhances your Northern Michigan marketing efforts. [Learn More]

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others, many business owners don’t understand the point of investing time or money in them. But social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers and building trust with them when done right. We can help get you started in the right direction, and provide support along the way.
[Learn More]

Local Online Advertising

The Internet is worldwide. But there are techniques and tools that allow you to advertise online to people in your local area. So, yes, you can advertise on Facebook to people in Petoskey or Traverse City only. Or advertise on Google to reach people in Gaylord or Mackinac Island and no one else. There are tons of ways to make online advertising a powerful local marketing tool, and we can help you use them.

Award-Winning Work, Powerful Results.

Yes, we’ve won international awards for our work. Our founder is a member of the invitation-only Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, and a judge for three worldwide design competitions. But the awards we win and the accolades we receive are nothing compared to the results we help our clients obtain. We’ve been able to help large, national organizations and small, local companies reach their marketing and sales goals. How can we help you?

We’re international award-winning experts, we’re local, and we want to help you with your Northern Michigan marketing efforts.

OneRate™ Local Marketing: A revolutionary, new approach to Northern Michigan marketing.

We have a different approach to marketing. A different philosophy about how we work with local companies like yours.

Most marketing companies, web designers, and graphic design firms take one project at a time, and bill their clients by the hour or by the project. But the problem with this approach is it leaves small, local companies struggling to find the most effective mix of marketing tools, and prevents them from properly integrating all aspects of their marketing to optimize results. They pay a freelancer to design a logo. Then they pay a local print shop to design the business card. And after that they find yet another company to create their website. This cycle continues on and on until their marketing looks like a patchwork quilt that is coming apart at the seams. Nothing is integrated. Nothing is being tracked, improved, or replaced to maximize results. Instead they have a bunch of individual pieces instead of a coordinated system. And meanwhile, they are frustrated that their marketing is not getting the results they need.

We have a better way. A marketing system that gives you the tools, help and support you need to have truly effective marketing.

At Bear River Art Studio, we have developed a new opportunity for local companies that want to maximize the effectiveness of their Northern Michigan marketing. No more working with different companies for different marketing needs. No more disjointed, ineffective marketing that doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll have a fully integrated marketing system, and ongoing assistance from us to continually build and improve your marketing for better results. This makes your marketing flexible and responsive to your changing business needs. For example, if you add a new product, we add it to your website, develop a brochure for it, and do the photography of that product right away. Or we can help create content for you to post on social media, develop a local online marketing campaign, track the results and make adjustments as needed to maximize results. In other words, with this comprehensive service, we don’t just do one project and walk away. We become your company’s marketing department…developing ideas, making those ideas happen, tracking results and making ongoing adjustments to turn your marketing into a well-oiled, profit building machine.

We call this service OneRate™ Local Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to improve results, save time, and get more from your marketing…then this is the services for you. Instead of paying for marketing services by the hour or by the project, OneRate™ clients pay one simple, monthly fee and have access to all of the services we offer for them to use whenever they need them. Web design, copywriting, photography, graphic design, consulting, planning, etc….all of it at your beck and call.

By removing the per-project or per-hour billing system, we make our professional marketing services available to more local businesses who otherwise could not afford this level of professional help. And it removes time and billing restrictions from our end so we can focus on developing new marketing ideas for you, or enhancing the ones that you already have. OneRate™ is a major win-win scenario for local companies, making marketing more affordable, more effective, and simpler to manage than ever before.

Contact us to find out what OneRate™ Local Marketing can do for you.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much the website you designed for us is really helping out. New visitor traffic on our webpage is way up, and our Internet sales in 2015 were up 21% over the previous year. Thanks for designing us a killer webpage! In March alone, our Internet sales were up an additional 27% over March 2014. We also decreased our AdWords campaign cost by 50%. The search engine optimization you coached us on is really paying off. We constantly get emails from new and existing customers with positive feedback about the content and feel of our winery website. It was a pleasure working with you through the design process and website implementation. Thanks again for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. #winning

Lance S. (Winery Client)

I just wanted to let you know that since you’ve created my new brand and promotional materials, my event bookings have increased 50% which has helped my sales tremendously! It was your professional work and ‘know how’ that pushed me up to the next level. Your SEO work on my site has also pushed me from 4th place to the number one spot in organic search results for my most important keyword! Thank you so much! You’re the man for all my marketing needs!

Scott E. (Celebrity Impersonator)

I just wanted to email you and tell you how great our last mail campaign has gone. The ad / postcard that you created has created a 'buzz' in the industry. As a matter of fact we told our printer / mailer not to tell us when the ad goes out. We wanted to see if we could tell by the response it created on its own. Every time the cards go out we get a flurry of phone calls commenting on our mailer. We are also very pleased by the new image our company has due to the creation of the web site, business cards, mailers, etc.. you brought us out of the stone age and our sales are continuing to grow significantly even in this sluggish economy!

Mark & Brian (Commercial Bindery Company)

Wow! Thanks! It looks great! The more I look at it, the more I love it!

Mindy R. (Architectural Engineering Firm)

It really doesn't matter how brilliant your site looks, if it isn’t set up properly to convert traffic it’s effectively useless. The report Bear River Art Studio did for me was incredibly useful in showing not only the areas where my site wasn’t delivering but the simple changes needed that will be the difference that makes the difference. Well worth the investment.

Tim B. (Personal Coach)

Bear River Art Studio has helped us accurately and clearly communicate to our audience. Their fast turn-around has allowed us to proceed with many time-sensitive marketing ideas which would never have been possible with the company we previously used for our marketing needs.

Jenn C. (Radio Station Owner)

We've worked with Bear River Art Studio on a number of projects that range from brochure to website design. They not only listen to our ideas and input, but they're very proactive in sharing a fresh perspective which has positively influenced the finished product. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with their 'can do' attitude, creativity, and quick turnaround. We will continue to utilize their talent and would recommend them in the highest confidence.

Bob C. (3D Visualization Company)